I'm Simon

I love to solve problems, craft experiences and connect design decisions to your business's vision, goals and outcomes. I team up with you (the client) to create the best experience possible for your customers and keep you involved on a stress-free journey so you can focus on what's important: Your business.


A graphic designer who embraces chance, imperfection, exploration and beautiful edginess.

I have a passion for design centered problem solving and truly believe design has the potential to organise, simplify and empower.

Good design speaks on your behalf when you're not in the room, personalises, has the power to make you laugh, cry and critically think.

Let's work together.



Be curious and love what you do 

Curiosity is a big part of my love for making things. Experimenting, testing the "what ifs", taking things apart and sourcing inspiration from the world (offline!). For me this dosen't just stop in my work but is what I do in my free time.


I am completely transparent with my work and process. I team up with the client to together identify pain points and boost your business. Most of all listen to the feedback of others.

Never stop learning

Learning, studying, reading and discovering more from others are very important to me and further the development of my work and practice. I feel like I'm never finished and can constantly improve my craft and reach higher standards.

Meaningful work and relationships

All the work I create with people, I do it because I believe in it and them. I find meaning and purpose through it and there's no better feeling than completing an accomplishment with one another.



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